As a worker in industry, you are faced with varying surfaces, harsh weather conditions and hazardous materials. Your work means a lot of physical movement and you might slip, trip or have sharp objects and nasty chemicals impact you. To do your job the best you can, you need the best boots. Boots that protect you against every hazard in every specific challenge you face. And boots that prevent your feet from getting tired, wet or cold. Boots that look fashionable too, yes please. How safe and comfortable are your feet?

At Dunlop we have been empowering the worlds makers and doers for the last 130 years and we will be here to Always protect the world’s workforce from the ground up for the next 130 years.

As an employer in the food processing industry, you have to provide comfort and protection to your workers. They work long hours under conditions in which temperatures can vary extremely, on slippery surfaces where they can easily slip or trip. Reliable footwear is a basic need for them. And for you as well. Giving your workers high comfort, maximum hygiene and the right protection, gives you the benefits of higher productivity and cost savings because of the reduced risk on injuries and sick days.

Sturdy outsole design for offering extra stability while walking or standing
Flexible and supple for retaining ease of movement
Antistatic protection


Height : 15’’/38 cm
Flexible Purofort (PU) upper.
Removable insole.
Ultra antislip TPU insert in the outsole.
Resistant to many chemicals.
Thermal insulation.
Flexible and lightweight.
Shock absorb