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We have a very large selection of haynet panel knotted netting, if you decide to make your own

feed racks, feeding boxes, hay cages or any other feeding methods for your animals.

Different mesh sizes from 1″ to 4″ with twine size from 1.2 mm to 5 mm

We can prepare net sheets with knots in the size you want.


For hay nets we offer two main types of netting:

Braided polyethylene and twisted polyethylene in big bales where we can cut

or we can cut you pieces of net of the desired size.

We have some colors of net according to the dimension of the netting

available as Green in some shades, Black, Orange, Yellow, etc.


Advantages of having hay nets:

Your horse takes longer to feed which reduces anxiety

By eating more slowly the digestion is slower.
Slower eating hay improves absorption of juices.
Reduces the risk of ulcers, colic and overweight.
Very effective for horses with dust allergies.
The use of the net imitates the horse grazing on pasture and reduces stress and boredom.
Less aggression in the herd.
No binge eating, no choking.
If you can’t find the right size net on our website, call us and we will make it for you.
Saves 20 to 30% of wasted hay.
Allows you to give hay at will to your horses
Reduces the handling of hay and the collection of dirt.
No need to think if your horse has any hay left.
Fast filling.
For all sizes of horses, from miniature horses, to ponies and draft horses.
More time for you and more money in your pocket.

If, however, you cannot find your PIECES OF KNOTTED NETTING  on our website, we can adapt it to the desired size. In this case, just contact us and we will manufacture it to your own specifications.

Les Industries Fipec inc. it’s more than fourty years with netting manufacturing.