Yes, we fabricate nets according to the specifications of the client.

All depends on the characteristics of the net and the desired quantity, you can be assured that each order is executed with precision and speed, by our experienced team members.

All depends on the size and specifications of your net. We invite you to fill out our form and give us your specifications. We will answer you the soonest possible. You can also call us at 1 800 760-3631 to obtain more information.

We can develop fishing net plans for you or help you read them if necessary.

Yes, we develop and prepare all sorts of nets.

Yes, we repair all sorts of nets and we prepare quotes for our clients before each repair.

Of course we can, you just need to contact us and explain your specific need.

Yes, we fabricate nets according to the specifications of the client.


Yes, you just need to call us at 418 752-3632 or at 418 385-3333 or send us an email to tell us your specifications.

The weight of a standard trap is 60 pounds or 29,5 kg.

The price is dependant on the weight of the trap. Call us to tell us your specifications and we will prepare a quote, or fill out the following form.

The price depends on the type of trap and the options that you need. Call us to tell us your specifications.


Yes, we have many different products for the fisherman, his or her boat and his or her crew.

No, this is but a small part of our inventory. You can contact us and we will find the product that you are looking for.

Yes, we sell gift certificates. You can obtain them at one of our stores or order by phone.


Yes, we can order the product that you need, with a small waiting period.

Yes, we prepare our quotes with the lowest prices possible.

Yes, call 418 385-3333 or at 418 752-3632. For the nets department : 1 800 760-3631.

Depending on your purchase, we can deliver the items. The delivery charges are not included in the price. The surcharge will be added to your bill unless stated otherwise.

Yes, we only ask for a down payment.

Purolator, Transport Morneau, Groupe Guilbeault, DHL, ACS, Dicom, Canada Post… (If you have a preference let us know and we will contact them!)

No, only the taxes from your province will be added. In the cases of delivery to other countries, no taxes will be added to the bill.

Yes, it is best, we can also suggest companies for you.

Yes, but if you pay with a credit card, the current exchange rate will be applied automatically.

Yes, but a fee of 25% is applicable. No returns are accepted for traps and nets.

Shipping costs are calculated from the shipping adores, the weight and size of the parcel.