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Ratchet Mount

NYLON ANTENNA Ratchet Mount From Shakespeare

Versatile four-way ratchet design for deck or side mounting. Quick-action handle makes operation easy.

  • Bolt holes: 5/16in dia., 3in x 1½in on center
  • Special cable slot eliminates removal of most factory-installed connectors
  • Standard 1in-14 thread.(male)


Please read all instructions before installing.
The Style 4187 NYLON Ratchet Mount is a versatile,
free-standing mount with a four-way ratchet design. It can be used
for mounting to vertical or horizontal surfaces – deck or bulkhead –
and adjust to a slanted surface.
The Style 4187-HD is an extra NYLON ratchet
mount for use on high speed boats and with the Galaxy® Style 5399
VHF antenna.
Tools required: As needed to secure mount
to surface, drill and drill bit for ¼” screws;
screwdriver; wrench or pliers

Installation Instructions

Choose a mounting location that is as high as possible, as free
as possible from obstructions, and as far as practical from other
antennas or strong sources of RF. Use ¼” bolts and washers (sold
separately) to attach the mount securely to the surface you choose.
For other types of surfaces, you may need other types of mounting
hardware (not supplied). Be sure to use only stainless steel
1. Using the base of the Ratchet Mount as a template, mark the
location for the mounting holes. Drill ¼” holes.

2. Attach the Ratchet Mount to the mounting surface.
IMPORTANT: If the thickness of the mounting
surface is not adequate to support the antenna under
expected stress, a wooden back-up pad (not supplied)
should be applied underneath the mounting surface
during installation.

3. Assemble the antenna to the Ratchet Mount, being careful not to
damage the antenna’s cabling, if any.
For a streamlined look, the cable may be routed through the
hole in the side of the mount. To preserve the mount’s lustre, apply
automobile wax or metal polish.
©1998 Shakespeare Co. · Form I-4187 J: rev. 08/04/2012
Style 4187 or 4187-HD Mount
Style 4187 or
4187-HD Mount
Base rotated for bulkhead mounting
Mounting surface

Supplied Parts
1 NYLON mount Base rotated for
deck mounting Mounting surface
Wooden back-up pad and
mounting bolts, lock-washers,
and nuts (not supplied)

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