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Cold Galvanizing application

from WURTH

500 milliliters container

Technical information
Content 500 milliters
Maximum temperature 300 °C

Provides permanent protection against corrosion
Content: 500 ml
Net weight: 1045 g
Chemical base: Fixed metallic zinc powder
Color: Silver color
Drying time conditions: at 20°C
Processing temperature min/max: -25 to 40 °C
Max. complete drying: 3 d
Complete drying min: 2 d
Drying time: 15 min
Density: 2,09 g/cm³
Density conditions: at 20°C
Max. heat resistance: 300 °C
Min. gripping force: 45 min
Shelf life after production: 12 months

Provides good protection against corrosion from atmospheric influences
Heat resistance up to +300 ºC
Visually identical to hot-dip galvanizing
Two or three coats on the repaired surface will give the necessary thickness according to D.I.N. 50976
Fast drying (dust dries in approximately 15 minutes; completely dry in approximately 2-3 days)
Surface must be free of dust, grease, and rust according to D.I.N. 55928, up to degree of rust removal SA 2.5 and must be dry
Steel construction, ships and vehicles, forging, and locksmiths
The thickness of the repair film must be 1.5 x more than the hot-dip galvanizing
The repair layer should cover the hot-dip galvanizing area by at least 1 cm
Can be welded through
Can be applied with a spray gun or a brush
Cannot be painted over

Appearance: Hot dipped galvanized

Cannot be painted

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