Hog-ring pliers were originally made to attach ear tags to hogs but quickly became common in marine FISHERIES LIKE LOBSTER and auto upholstery.

HOG RING PLIER BLUE\YELLOW are a fastening tool used for securing various materials by clamping together ring connectors or hog rings. Numerous industries use these tools.

Also useful for gardening, fence repair, attaching netting to support wires, putting winter shields on shrubs, closing bulk storage bags,in order to fasten two objects together, usually shock cord ends. Use these Hog Rings as a quick way to create a loop in the end of a piece of shock cord. Simply squeeze together with Hog Ring Pliers to secure.  etc.

Hog ring pliers have a grooved jaw to hold the hog rings in place when they must be clamped.

With a clamp, create tension that holds a clip firmly in the jaws until it is closed. This leaves one hand free to hold the material in position and the other to hold the clip.

Hog ring pliers are special types of pliers for installing hog rings. They have grooves molded into the jaws for holding hog rings. When you put a hog clip between the jaws and then squeeze the handles, the jaws crimp the clip to close it. If there is an object inside the clip, the clip will loop around it.

Beside above, how do you remove a hog ring? The best way to remove hog rings is to use a set of diagonal pliers. Grab the hog ring with the pliers and twist, which will un-bend the ring and remove it.

These hog ring pliers can work with a range of C-ring sizes including 3/8inch, half inch and 3/4 inch. You can use them to accomplish a range of tasks not only crimping bungee cords

We offer 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ crown clips separately or in a set with hog-ring pliers.

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