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Cod jigger norwegian or lure 6 ounces

Norwegian cod jigger 6 ounces or 175g. Ideal for fishing with rod and reel.  Over the years, Fipec Industries has developed its own cod lures, striped bass lures, mackerel lures, fishing rods and fishing line among others.

Frequently fished with bottom trawl, pelagic trawl, longline and net, cod can also be caught by line. In terms of cod lures, the Norwegian jigger and cod feathers can also be very effective.


Atlantic cod

The Atlantic cod (Gadus Morhua) is also called Atlantic cod, common cod or cod. It is a species of fish from the Gadidae family living in the North Atlantic. It is caught with Norwegian cod lure 6 ounces.



The cod is a lean fish because it stores its fat in its liver and not in its muscles. It is a fish with flaky, delicate and lean flesh. Cod is eaten whole; its head also contains tasty cheeks and tongues. Its swim bladder (also called “nove”), which is cartilaginous and rich in gelatin, and its stomach are also consumed. Its liver (and its derivative cod liver oil) as well as its eggs (also called “rava”).

Cod liver oil is a fish oil particularly rich in essential omega-3. It helps in the growth and intellectual development of children. It is also traditionally recommended in case of osteoporosis or fracture.

There is nothing better than eating freshly caught cod with our 6 oz Norwegian cod jigger. If the fish is whole, it is possible that its flesh contains worms (nematodes) which are harmless once cooked. It can also be eaten poached, filleted, in omelets, au gratin or in soup. Oven cooking is good for the end of cooking.

Cod is sold fresh, frozen, frozen breaded, salted, smoked, salted dried or dried. It is the star of many traditional and gastronomic dishes, such as brandade, acras, liver pâté, salt cod cakes or tarama eggs.




Here is the link for the dates of sport fishing and regulations.

Norwegian cod jigger 6 ounces

Cod fishing has left a cultural heritage that can be seen, heard, tasted and felt in the Gaspé Peninsula. Cod has shaped daily life, landscapes, architecture and culinary traditions. It has nourished the local speech, tales and legends. Real emblem of Gaspésie, cod is gradually taking its place in the hearts of Gaspesians and tends to become a source of identity carrying a unifying project. In fact, the “Route de la Morue” discovery tour along the coastline of the Gaspé Peninsula highlights the cultural diversity of its inhabitants and the richness of its maritime heritage in nine stations.

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